kindness is not a virtue, but i would like to be more kind

Since money is all that matters to women, I'll just make a lot of it and never love you. Because that is what's important.

And so to women, money is more important than love? Please know that men listen to the words you say.

form 8300 is a 4a problem because inflation guarantees soon all money will be surveilled without a search warrant

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The threshold of form 8300 should be raised to 100k but we know that won't happen.

the biggest enemy of women is not men, because men love women

the biggest enemy of women.. is other women

life really doesn't wait

whatever you have to do, you have to do it now

there are voices in your head saying that you're a failure,
not good enough...

But you know that's not true!

2020 was a great year. not even being ironic. one of the best of my life.

brb just creating a creature and filling it with boundless delight

i wish god would do more than just sit up there in the heavens and actually help me with stuff for once

I love this account. You need reaaaaaaal sharp eyes to see it. That's what I love about it.

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